Brendan Johnston is a painter of portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.

Fine Art

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- Biography -

   Brendan Johnston (b.1984) is a compelling young painter and sculptor dedicated to representational fine art. Born in New York City, Brendan developed an early interest culture and history. After graduating from McGill University with a Major in Art History and Humanities, Brendan moved back to New York to pursue a career as artist.  In 2006, he began studying at the Harlem Studio of art. Then in 2008, Brendan enrolled in the Grand Central Atelier, where he diligently studied academic drawing, painting and sculpture.  In 2014, Brendan traveled to Italy to finish his studies by copying old master paintings in the Museums of Rome, Florence and Naples.  Now living in New York City, Brendan is a resident artist and teacher at the Grand Central Atelier.  He is currently creating dynamic works in nearly every genre of painting.  He is also working in the challenging medium of terra cotta, producing unique sculpture busts. Brendan’s work is represented by galleries in California, New York and Massachusetts.

- Education -

2006-2008 Harlem Studio of Art
2008-2013 Grand Central Academy of Art

- Teaching -

2015-Present Core Teacher at The Grand Central Academy of Art

- Representation -

- Select Exhibitions -

- 2013 -
Figures Exhibition , John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA

- 2014 -
Inaugural Group Show , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY

- 2015 -
CS Lewis Project , Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
Al Fiori: The Alla Prima Portrait Sketch , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY
Nude , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY
Portrait Sketches , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY
Florals and Still-Lifes , John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA

- 2016 -
Residents , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY
Figures , Simie Maryles Gallery, Provincetown, MA
Boston Unternational Fine Arts Fair , Williams Fine Art Dealers, Boston, MA

- 2017 -
The Self-Portrait , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY
Summer Salon , Collins Galleries, Orleans, MA
Mastery of Form , The Artist Study, Southampton, NY
Summer Salon , Williams Fine Art Dealers, Wenham, MA

- 2018 -
The Still-Life: Contemporary Interpretations , Eleventh Street Arts, New York, NY
Americans In Paris , Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
Americans In Paris , Galerie L’Oeil du Prince, Paris, France
Small Works , Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

- Press -

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